SGI Policy on Idea Submissions

SGI is a busy innovator! Most of the ideas that are useful to us are developed internally by our team. Occasionally, we receive useful ideas from external sources; however, many times, we are already aware of these ideas or the ideas are not of interest to us for various reasons. To protect you and SGI, we will only accept ideas that comply with our policy.

What Ideas Will SGI Consider?

The idea that you submit must be covered by an issued patent or a published patent application. SGI will not consider ideas on a confidential basis. Do not submit any confidential information to SGI, such as an unpublished patent application. Any information that you submit to SGI will not be treated as confidential information.

How Do I Submit My Idea?

1. Review SGI’s Idea Submission Agreement (the “Agreement”) by clicking here. SGI will only consider your idea if you agree to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

2. Print and sign the Agreement. We recommend that you consult with your attorney prior to signing the Agreement.

3. Send the signed Agreement and a copy of your patent or published patent application by email to or by mail to:

13424 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 303
Hagerstown, MD 21742.
ATTN: SGI Ideas Department

What Happens After I Submit My Idea?

If you submit an idea in accordance with this policy, your idea will be evaluated. If we believe that your idea is new and useful to us, we will contact you at the telephone number or email address that you provided in the Agreement to discuss next steps. If we are not interested in your idea, we will inform you by email.

If you submit an idea that does not comply with this policy, your idea will not be considered. If the idea was submitted by email, the email containing your idea will be deleted. If the idea was submitted by mail, the documents submitted will be destroyed. SGI has the right, but not the obligation to contact you to inform you about this policy. SGI has no obligation to return any materials submitted for consideration.

In no case will SGI compensate you for considering your idea.

Please be patient. It can take several months for us to evaluate ideas.

We appreciate your interest in submitting an idea to SGI.

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