Solar Reflectivity

Building codes are increasingly focused on energy efficiency, and roofing materials are a critical component. To increase energy efficiency, SGI developed an innovative process to produce SolarShield® reflective granules. The SolarShield® line of reflective granules offers the highest solar reflectivity available in the market and meets EPA’s ENERGY STAR® steep-slope roofing requirements without sacrificing color optionality.

SGI is also introducing a new line of solar reflective granules with a full palette of darker colors designed to meet the solar reflectance and thermal emittance requirements according to the current California Title 24 Standards. With this new reflective product line, a variety of color blends will be available that meet the Title 24 standards, and offer both environmental responsibility and aesthetic appeal.

Algae Resistance

Algae growth is a rampant issue in many regions of the United States, which causes black streaks on roofs. SGI offers Copper Color Guard® roofing granules that inhibit algae growth and help maintain the original color of asphalt shingles. SGI’s patented algicidal coating formulation mitigates cyanobacteria and many other types of algae. Copper Color Guard® is available in neutral and light tones which can be blended into a variety of shingle colors.

Custom Sizing and Colors

SGI offers a range of customized products including:

  • Alternate and finer size grading
  • A variety of specialty granule colors
  • Color blending
  • Other bespoke services

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