SGI supplies the highest quality mineral-based granule and aggregate products to the residential and commercial roofing markets. Today’s asphalt-based roofing products are designed to last over 50 years, which would not be possible without mineral-based roofing granules. In addition to providing a broad palette of aesthetically-appealing color options, SGI’s colored roofing granules are the asphalt roofing system’s first line of defense from the harsh effects of sunlight and weather.

SGI’s manufacturing process begins with the mining, crushing, and sizing of highly specific types of stone into granules. The specific rocks at SGI’s quarries possess the precise balance of physical properties, opacity, and inertness to provide performance and durability.

Once properly sized, those granules are then either converted into colored roofing granules or headlap, uncolored granules used on the unexposed section of shingles. In the case of colored roofing granules, a proprietary semi-ceramic coating is applied and fired on the granules, closely binding the coating to the rock itself and thereby providing color permanence and optimal compatibility and adhesion to the asphalt base. SGI’s coatings are 100% waterborne and environmentally-friendly. SGI uses statistical process control throughout its production process to ensure the highest color and quality consistency.

The result is a superior variety of premium and specialty granule colors that have become one of the defining features of today’s most sought after roofing products. SGI serves a broad cross-section of roofing customers across the country with its selection of specialty colored granules, in addition to its headlap and back-surfacing product offerings.

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