SGI employee accepted to Emerging Leaders Academy

SGI employee accepted to Emerging Leaders Academy

Ryan Helsley

An employee at SGI’s Charmian Plant recently was accepted to the Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association Emerging Leaders Academy.

During the next 10 months, Production Technician III Ryan Helsley will take part in classes, tours and events to improve his understanding of the industry, expand his professional network and enhance his leadership capabilities. Helsley also will be required to complete a Cornerstone Project.

“The importance of investing in our employees to ensure they have what they need to evolve at SGI cannot be ignored,” said President Justin P. Dunlap. “SGI’s strength overwhelmingly comes from its people.”

PELA students are nominated by a supervisor or mentor and also complete a formal application to the program. PELA is limited to 20 participants. Helsley is the fourth SGI employee accepted to the program since its inaugural class in 2021.

“By enabling our team members to stretch themselves today with opportunities such as the Emerging Leaders Academy, we are helping them grow the knowledge and skills required to ensure SGI maintains its strength in the years ahead.”

SGI is headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland, and has six plants strategically located throughout the nation that manufacture products for asphalt roofing shingles, building materials, and soil amendments for agriculture and carbon capture.