Two additional U.S. Patents awarded to SGI

Two additional U.S. Patents awarded to SGI

Justin Dunlap & Dan Rardon, co-inventors.

SGI was awarded two new U.S. Patents in June that further evolve and protect its intellectual property in the agricultural and roofing markets.

  • U.S. Patent 11,680,016, “Building Materials Comprising Agglomerated Particles,” was issued June 20 with SGI President Justin P. Dunlap and Senior Director, Research and Development Daniel Rardon named co-inventors. It is the third patent in its patent family focused on agglomerated granules for roofing.
  • U.S. Patent 11,680,023, “Pelletized Basalt for Use as a Soil Amendment,” was issued June 20 with Dunlap named co-inventor. It is the third in SGI’s agricultural soil amendment family of patents.

Two other U.S. Patents that support the intellectual property of agglomerated granules in roofing and agricultural soil amendments were awarded to Dunlap and Rardon in April. The patents issued in June bring SGI’s total active U.S. Patents to 14.

Dunlap has been with SGI for 24 years and is the co-inventor of multiple U.S. Patents. As President, he has transformed SGI’s business model from focusing solely on the development of roofing products to a multifaceted company with innovations in the roofing, building materials, and agricultural industries.

Rardon has led SGI’s R&D efforts for almost a decade and has 30 years of industrial experience in materials and coatings development. He holds more than 40 U.S. Patents and is credited with numerous publications.